Vietnamese cold brew

Cold brew is a cold coffee extraction process popular in the United States. Cold brewing removes the bitterness from coffee and extracts the chocolate flavor of Vietnamese coffee. It allows you to obtain a soft coffee which is ideal for iced coffee.

Method: Cold brew Amount of coffee : 100g ground coffee | 500ml of water

Grind: extra coarse Extraction time: 12h

Photo d'un café cold brew

Steps :

– Grind Vietnamese coffee (Robusta like “Saigon”) quite coarsely

– Put 100g of ground coffee in a container

– Add 500ml of cold water (ratio 1 to 5)

– Leave to rest in the fridge or at room temperature (recommended) for 12 -16 hours (we recommend 12, but ultimately your preferred taste will dicate the length. For a stronger more bitter taste, let it rest longer!)

– Filter the coffee to recover only the liquid. This liquid is coffee concentrate, be careful 😉

– Prepare your drink by mixing the coffee concentrate with water or milk (1 to 1 ratio)

For example, for 50cl of infused coffee, put 50cl of water

Feel free to adapt the guide according to your preferences! More or less coffee, and more or less rest time!

You can also add flavors to your Cold Brew by adding, for example, hibiscus flower or mint.


What is the difference with a cold coffee?

Cold or iced coffee is hot brewed coffee with ice cubes. A cold brew is a cold brewed coffee that allows a slow infusion which gives the coffee more body and less acidity and bitterness.

What is the grind for cold brew?

The grind should be quite coarse. Our ground coffee is not suitable for a cold brew, it will be necessary to grind coffee beans to make cold brew.

How do I grind my coffee beans at home?

You can grind your coffee with a manual or electric coffee grinder that is easy to find in supermarkets.

Which coffee to choose for the Phin?

Our two Hanoi and Saigon coffees are suitable for making a Cold brew.

The Hanoi will be more fruity and fresh and the Saigon will have a lot of aroma and will be high in caffeine.

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