Vietnamese matcha coffee

The perfect Asian combo! Japanese or Korean matcha goes perfectly with the chocolate taste of Vietnamese coffee.

Method: phin or espresso Amount of coffee : 15-18g

Grind: medium fine Preparation time : 5-6 min

Photo d'un café vietnamien au matcha

Steps :

1. Add 2 tbsp (15g-18g) of ground coffee into the phin (without the pierced filter) or make an espresso

(Skip to step 4, if you choose an espresso coffee)

2. Pour the hot water in two parts. Wet the coffee by pouring a little hot water to cover the pierced filter (the pre-infusion releases the aromas)

3. Wait between 30 seconds then pour hot water to the top (120g of water for 15g of coffee) and let it brew until all the water passes through the phin.

4. While the phin is brewing, add 1 teaspoon of matcha powder and 50ml of hot water In another glass and whisk it (reduce or add more matcha powder according to your taste).

5. Add ice cubes to the coffee glass

6. Pour 60 ml of fresh (or vegetable) milk over the coffee

7. Then pour the matcha on top and mix

It's ready to enjoy!


Can I replace the phin coffee with an espresso?

Yes, absolutely! Bạc xỉu should be prepared with a strong, full-bodied coffee such as phin or espresso. All you have to do is replace the phin coffee with an espresso coffee.

Can I make a vegan version of matcha coffee?

Yes of course ! You can replace fresh milk with any vegetable milk.

Which matcha should I use?

Ideally, a matcha that is not too bitter and goes well with milk.

Which coffee to choose for this recipe?

Our two coffees Hanoi and Saigon are suitable for making Bạc xỉu.

But the Saigon being more full-bodied and chocolatey, it will marry better with milk.

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