A story of coffee, from France to Vietnam

In Vietnamese, it means "one two", it is the transmission from one generation to another. It is double culture and its celebration!

Cécile was born in France but her parents are from Vietnam. She tells us how the Motaii project was born following the discovery of the country of her ancestors.

Photo d'un ca phe sua da sur une table

2019 / First time in Vietnam

At 23, I returned to Vietnam for the first time as an adult . I (re)discovered the country where my parents were born.

I fell in love with life on a scooter, with being woken up at 6am by the bread seller, with the bustle of the city . This life was completely different from my life in France, but strangely, I quickly felt at home .

I become addicted to Vietnamese coffee . It's strong , it's very sweet and it woke you up with its caffeine boost .

But above all, I discovered that coffee is very sacred in Vietnam. This is THE moment of sharing; of reunion with friends and family.

Photo d'une rue à Hanoi au Vietnam

2021 / Return to France

At the end of 2021, I find myself unemployed and back in France. After a 2-year stay in the United States, I was inspired to share my dual Vietnamese culture and to give it more visibility .

I wanted to share something personal and above all to show that it is possible to celebrate two cultures, even very different ones.

This is where MOTAII was born

Photo de la fondatrice Cécile dans une ferme de café au Vietnam

2022 / The trip of a lifetime

In March 2022, when the Vietnamese border had just reopened, I decided to go for a month long journey across Vietnam to meet coffee producers and experts. This trip allowed me to better understand the challenges of the Vietnamese to have their heritage recognized so that it can shine in France [Find out more] .

I met passionate people with whom I had the same desires: to restore visibility and prestige to Vietnamese coffee in the world.