Our coffee producers

We traveled to Vietnam in April 2022 to meet the coffee growers who are behind Motaii's exceptional coffee

Photo de Cécile et un producteur de café en train de préparer un café

Vietnamese coffee revolution

During our trip to Vietnam, coffee producers explained to us that for a long time there was no protocol to produce good coffee in Vietnam. In particular, because this industry was locked in a vicious cyclce which to produce cheap and poor quality coffee.

But today things are changing. Vietnamese producers want to change the reputation of Vietnamese coffee by setting up real protocols to produce very high quality coffee, which is more ecological and above all more responsible .

Photo de Cécile entourée de producteurs de café au Vietnam

A match made in Heaven

It is by exchanging with Vietnamese producers, on our common values , that we realized that we had the same objectives :

  • Restore visibility to Vietnamese coffee in the world
  • Support coffee producers by buying their coffee at a fair price
  • Guarantee transparency on the origin of the coffee

In addition, by roasting their coffee locally in Lyon , we keep the freshness and quality of their coffee while highlighting it for the consumer, that is to say YOU !

Photo d'une fermière en train de trier le café au Vietnam

End the prejudices

Vietnam is known for its robusta (1st global producer), which is a variety of coffee that is not often drunk in France.

Why? Quite simply because one day, it was decided in France that robusta was a "sub-variety" because it is cheaper and has different properties from arabica.

Still, robusta is pretty cool 😎! It is more robust than arabica (hence the name) to harsh climatic conditions. It contains 2x more caffeine and its taste is sweeter and chocolatey . And it will certainly please those who are ready to discover it !

At Motaii, we bring the best of Vietnamese robusta to the forefront by working with the best coffee farms in Vietnam.